Invoice Finance

Type of funding?
You collect between 85-98% of the value of your outstanding sales invoices upfront. The provider of the funds may either take over the collecting of money owed by your customers or you may agree that revenue management is done by your company
Who is this suitable for?
Lenders usually take over commercial invoices (invoices you have issued to other businesses) making invoice finance most suitable for companies that mainly sell to other businesses. Particularly suited for businesses that are fast growing as your access to financing grows with your sales ledger
What are the key terms?
Invoice financing companies will contact customers to verify outstanding invoices, some providers may require that they take over your revenue management. Annualised costs of invoice financing vary significantly and can be 2-25% of financing volume
What are the key criteria to get funded?
  • Are typically in business-to-business sectors (e.g. recruitment firms, manufacturing, design agencies)
  • Access maximum financing of up to 85-99% of the value of your outstanding sales invoices
  • Don't need to have a perfect credit record, but your customers should have a good credit record
  • Use full sales ledger or individual sales invoices for financing
  • Your customers are likely to be contacted to validate invoices after you receive an offer

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