One quote request and you're done

Last night, we had the privilege of meeting some inspiring entrepreneurs at ’Show me the Money’ - an event run by Enterprise Nation. The premise of the event was simple – to put businesses (wearing 'I want money' badges) together with more than 20 funders (wearing ‘I have money’ badges). 

The impact was amazing. Anybody worrying about the health of the funding market would have been immediately reassured. As would anybody worrying about the supply of passionate and driven entrepreneurs with innovative ideas. 

Enterprise Nation deserve huge credit for bringing lenders and borrowers together in the same room and making it really simple and easy for them to talk to each other over the course of a single evening. 

However, the reality is that for much of the rest of the year, it is more difficult for businesses to meet funders (even though leading business communities like Enterprise Nation are doing lots and lots to help). 

As Emma Jones, founder of Enterprise Nation, says “access to funding still appears too often on the list of challenges claimed to be affecting small businesses”. 

Why is this? 

The answer frustratingly simple. The interactions which took place in a microcosm at the Enterprise Nation event last night are almost impossible when there is no event to attend and nobody to facilitate. Businesses wearing ‘I want money’ badges are frequently disappointed by banks and then baffled by the bewildering choice of alternative funding options. 

They don’t know where to go and have no way of comparing lenders - unless they spend weeks and months making calls and filling in application forms. All too often there is nobody on their side to help. And the search for funding really matters. Often, it is make or break. 

This is where FUNDING XCHANGE comes in. For the first time, we enable borrowers to make one quick online application for debt funding which we send to our large panel of lenders. Lenders make offers in a transparent reverse auction and the borrower gets to choose the best deal. 

The quote request process takes less than ten minutes and many of our lenders are able to deliver funds in days rather than weeks or months. We are neutral and our sole mission is to help borrowers find the right funding option for them. One quote request and you’re done!