Do you need a maths degree to understand funding offers for your business?

Some lenders clearly expect you to have an advanced degree in maths. Without it, it is frequently difficult to compare the cost of funding.

Innovation in lending means that some funders don't ask for interest payments but have replaced this with 'fees'. Some funders may require daily or weekly rather than monthly repayments. 

As a result, it can become nearly impossible to understand costs when lenders add various fees and charges (e.g., for the set-up of or renewal of facilities or for early repayment.)

All this conspires to make it nearly impossible to compare terms across different offers. That's why FUNDING XCHANGE believes that any quote should tell potential borrowers how much money they are to receive and how many Pounds and Pennies the borrower is expected to repay.

It is really this simple, FUNDING XCHANGE wants you to know how much you get and how much you will pay back. 

That's why any quote you receive from our panel of lenders gives you two key numbers: the amount they are lending to you and the amount you are paying back. That's simple and clear. And the same for every offer you receive from each of our lenders.