Case Study: Flexible Credit Line

Flexible funding for clothing pop-up


Business name - BBS Clothing's

Daniel Peters

Blink and you'll miss BBS Clothing's (BBSC) enormously popular pop-up stores. The fast-paced nature of Daniel Peters' business means he works on tight time frames and so needs his finance to accommodate that. The new type of overdraft BBSC is using does just that. This is Daniel's story...

flexible credit line case study


About the Business

Daniel came up with the concept for BBSC around three years ago. He knew that menswear was a fast growing industry, with some great, small brands launching. Since then, he's opened six pop-ups showcasing these young brands, growing in size each time.

Why was Funding Needed?

His latest store was his most ambitious yet; but a funding round that failed at short notice, for reasons beyond his control, left him without funding for what he knew would be a very profitable enterprise.


What Type of Funding was Acquired?


secured business loan with iconDaniel decided on a on a flexible credit line.

A flexible line of credit allows you to access money – up to £100,000 - as and when you need it. So, it’s great for businesses that need money quickly, to re-stock or expand into new premises for example. Essentially, it’s a flexible loan, meaning that you can re-pay and re-draw money like a traditional bank overdraft (although there’s no bank account required).

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Who Provided the Funding?

flexible credit line with Iwoca


Daniel arranged his Flexible Credit Line with our lending partner, Iwoca. Iwoca.

Iwoca offers a new type of credit facility for small businesses, allowing them to take advantage of opportunities previously only available to their larger peers. From placing larger stock orders to bridging cashflow gaps, they believe that access to finance is crucial to driving business growth.

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What was the Result for Daniel's Business?

Daniel has big plans for BBSC, with some large department stores already interested in giving him concessions. We're excited to see what Daniel does with his next store!

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