Case Study: Merchant Funding

My only regret is waiting so long before seeking alternative funding. I had no plan beyond asking my bank.


Business Name - Petals of Oban

Lynette MacArthur

Lynette MacArthur received £37,000 via merchant funding to ensure she was ready to take advantage of the seasonal demand in the florist industry.

merchant funding case study


About the Business

Petals of Oban is an award winning Interflora florist shop in Oban, Scotland run by Lynette MacArthur. The shop was started by her mother, Agnes, 20 years ago and it remains a real family affair.

It's consistently excellent customer service helped the business to secure the title of Florist of the Year 2015 at the Scottish Independent Retails Awards, North West region.

Why was Funding Needed?

One of the biggest problems that any florist will face is the seasonality in the business. Petals of Oban sees huge peaks in demand around Mother's Day and Valentine’s Day, as well as in the wedding season. So in addition to usual stock that is required, Lynette has to account for the variable seasonal demand.

"We have to make the most of each event in the calendar and that's about having enough stock in to meet demand. Flowers for Mother's Day can cost in excess of £5,000 and pre-buying for weddings and funerals can also run into thousands," she says.


What Type of Funding was Acquired?

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Petals of Oban decided on Merchant Funding.

Because repayments are taken as a percentage of revenues, this type of business funding provides several advantages for Lynette. She is able to purchase large stocks of flowers or refurbish equipment in preparation for a big event. This can be done without putting pressure on cash flow in the period before demand increases.

Additionally, Merchant Funding allows Lynette to maintain strong relationships with her suppliers, as she pays them after 2 weeks instead of 8.

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Who Provided the Funding?

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Lynette received £37,000 in Merchant Funding from our lending partner, Liberis.

This London-based finance company offers a fast and efficient service when it comes to getting hold of a convenient funding solution.

If you are looking for a way to fund your business with our help then Liberis is one of the partners you may be able to consider using.

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What was the Result for Lynette's Business?

"This puts me in complete control, which is great and works really well. I pay them, but only pay Liberis back when I do business. Some days we can put £1,000 through the card machine and on other days it can be £35.00, but the payback mirrors this. There's no pressure at all. It really is the perfect funding for us."

As for how she feels about her business finances now, Lynette had this to say. "There's no pressure at all. It really is the perfect funding for us."

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