Case Study: Merchant Funding

Merchant Funding is key ingredient for successful Indian restaurant


Business Name - The Moghul Brasserie

Moinoor Choudhury

Curry in the heart of Hampshire. Moinoor Choudhury runs a successful Indian restaurant in Hampshire, but hospitality can be a difficult industry, so Moinoor has used Merchant Funding to keep standards high. This is Moinoor story.

merchant funding case study


About the Business

For years, Moinoor Choudhury has run a busy Indian restaurant nestled away in Hampshire. Business is good for Moinoor, but hospitality is a notoriously difficult industry. There are often high costs involved when refurbishing the restaurant or kitchen and demand is often seasonal.

Why was Funding Needed?

To solve the cash flow problems that could result from an unexpected cost, or a slow period of business, Moinoor went to Capify. He uses their Merchant Funding facility to make sure his restaurant has enough stock when demand increases at short notice.


What Type of Funding was Acquired?

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Moinoor decided on Merchant Funding.

The advantage of Merchant Funding is that it allows business owners to repay their advance as a percentage of revenues. So for seasonal businesses, like restaurants, business owners pay back less at times when business is slower. As Moinoor explains "the finance helps on a rainy day, it's always nice to have something spare."

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Who Provided the Funding?

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Moinoor arranged his Flexible Credit Line with our lending partner, Capify.

They provide effective funding solutions, from business loans to a merchant cash advances, which many see as flexible alternatives to a traditional bank loan.

Capify provided Moinoor with a lump sum to use as working capital which could be repaid through future credit and debit card sales, or small daily repayments. The repayments work alongside the ebb and flow of Moinoor’s business.

Moinoor appreciated the personal service that comes with many independent finance providers. Moinoor received his own account manager who was able to offer guidance throughout the process, answering any questions Moinoor had and maintained regular contact to ensure that Moinoor was satisfied with his experience.

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What was the Result for Moinoor's Business?

Moinoor uses Capify Merchant Funding facility to make sure his restaurant always has enough stock, when demand increases at short notice, and to ensure that his restaurant is always operating at peak capacity.

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