Olivier Beau de Lomenie
CTO and Co-Founder
Olivier built his first bespoke enterprise online app way back in 1995 right after graduating from Stanford University at a time when the interactive web was still in its infancy.

Since then, he has constantly been developing online solutions for a wide range of businesses, industries and markets. He launched the Ocado website, Moneio / Freedom Finance, Myshowcase, Emolument and numerous others.

As a technologist, Olivier has a passion for creating new online services that make a real difference. Funding Xchange is no exception. It brings clarity and simplicity to a process that is notoriously tricky and opaque.

As an entrepreneur, he is also very aware of the need SMEs have to get appropriate credit. His wife was one of the first customers of the platform as she needed to fund her working capital needs for her growing dolls clothing business.

Olivier would love to hear from you. Please let him know if we have helped you find funding or have feedback to help us build an even better service.