Who we are

It’s BlueZest’s mission to help dynamic businesses fund investment in growth by providing affordable funding to small and medium sized Limited Companies for almost any business purpose.

We offer speed, flexibility and certainty as standard to SMEs in all sectors, even companies as young as just two years old, by enabling directors to leverage their existing assets to grow new ones.

Speed: Unlike High Street banks, we don’t take weeks or months to let you know where you stand, or leave you waiting even longer for the money. We aim to offer same day decisions, and to typically fund advances within 5-10 working days of application.

Flexibility: We understand that firms don’t want to jump through hoops to get finance, and we trust our customers know how to run their businesses, so unlike High Street banks we don’t ask for complicated paperwork, and you’re free to use the money for practically any business purpose.

Certainty: When we make a binding offer, it’s just that. You’ll always know exactly how much you’re paying, to who, why and when, with no hidden fees, no last-minute additions and no ‘oh sorry we changed our minds’.

Our SME loans range from £25k to £1 million, secured on residential property and repayable over 1 to 5 years. We are committed to affordable, ethical lending, so you’ll find our fees and rates very fair, and completely transparent, especially in comparison to typical alternative lenders.

It all adds up to something that we call the BlueZest Advantage, our commitment to be the finance partner your company needs, today and throughout the life of your business.


"I like the way BlueZest are willing to listen and work with you to find a way to help. They take a rational view of your proposal, instead of just comparing it to an arbitrary and outdated ‘standard’ template for ‘acceptable business’ and you feel like they really understand the needs of smaller businesses. I’ve been looking for a lender like BlueZest for a very long time."

And a little bit more...

Our staff have various exciting claims to fame. For example: Our CEO’s Dad was Showaddywaddy’s bank manager, our Operations Manager was awarded a Police Commendation for chasing a gun-toting bank robber, and our Marketing Manager was once (allegedly) almost run over on the King’s Road by Nanette Newman. There is a long-standing daily lunchtime ping-pong feud in the office within our software development team, but we welcome new blood. So come and challenge us if you think you have the “mad skillz” with the small, orange balls to beat our guys!

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