Who we are

Investly provides single invoice financing in both Estonia and the United Kingdom. We know that long payment terms are crippling for SMEs, so we allow SMEs to sell invoices to investors in as few as two days. Business owners can use Investly to finance one or many invoices -- there are no hidden fees and we don't tie businesses into long contracts.

Our concept, expertise and technology allow businesses to be the best they can be by making the invoice finance process as simple as it has ever been.

Who we fund

If you work with other businesses and issue invoices for products or services that you provide, you can probably use Investly. We can fund invoices for as short as 15 days or as long as 120. You can sign up in minutes and receive the full value of your invoice only days later. There are no set up or annual fees associated with your funding, with costs between 1.5% and 2.5% for a 30 day invoice.

Why businesses like working with us

Increase working capital by releasing cash tied up in your invoices and getting paid within 2 days.

Stay in control by accessing more of your cash when you need to. You have complete control over which invoices you sell and when. There are no tie-ins, minimum commitments or a required number of invoices to sell.

The process is simple. Your account is simple to set up. You can get a quote in minutes and you pay a simple one-off rate for each invoice that you sell -- no complicated fees or agreements.


"Time is money. Due to invoice discounting we now have a 20% lead compared to our competitors. The result is increased turnover... Investly treats you as an equal -- we got the impression it doesn't matter how much turnover a customer has. That's refreshing to see from a financial company."
- Director, Metsanotsu

"Releasing cash from our 30-day invoices helped us to increase stock and service more customers."
- Director, Annus & Alaniit

"With the financing from Investly we were able to purchase new equipment for our store and improve our product offering"
-Director, Sepapaja

And a little bit more...

Q: What's the strangest/most interesting funding request you've ever had?

A: We've had everything from farmers who've spotted a great deal on a new cow, to a chain of pop-up shops, to a star-gazing emporium. The UK's a nation of entrepreneurs and it's brilliant whenever you can help somebody who's obviously turned what they love into a business.

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