Who we are

At Spotcap, we help businesses to innovate, grow and stay competitive with fully unsecured loans between £25k and £300k. SMEs can sign up, receive a flexible credit line and draw down within 24 hours. There’s no need to go through laborious application forms, our team of industry professionals understand what businesses need and can help manage the intensity of cash flow management with our seamless FinTech solution.

Why businesses like working with us

The process is very easy. With our online application and our attentive Client Services team at your beck and call, we take a logical and smart approach to business finance. We genuinely enjoy helping clients, whether it’s walking them through our application form or advising them as to how our facility will benefit their business. We also have a strong knowledge-base when it comes to the plethora of sectors we work with in the UK, with expertise and understanding in what makes a business tick in its respective space.



“What I liked about Spotcap was that they were willing to listen to our story and the growth that we were experiencing and work with us to find a solution."

Navid Bahadori, Co-founder Broken Yellow

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What's the strangest/most interesting funding request you've ever had?

Despite the lack of quality waves in the UK, we recently financed a Surf Equipment retailer. We provided £20k to finance the purchase of heavily discounted inventory of a liquidated company. We provided Merchant Funding that allowed Boardwalk Surf to take advantage of this opportunity. In this type of loan, the company paid back the loan as a percentage of its sales, creating a natural alignment of cash flows.


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