Who we are

URICA provides a ground-breaking cash flow solution allowing suppliers and their customers to trade on better terms. We are funded by The British Business Bank and RSA. For a small early payment discount, we buy your invoices as early as day one, take on all the credit risk and give your customer extended credit of up to 90 days. URICA improves cash flow for both parties without requiring security or personal guarantees.

We rip up the old, outdated way of thinking and provide a fresh approach -- an optional source of funding for SMEs with no need to take on debt.

Who we fund

We will finance invoices from businesses any sector. If you're a supplier, you can receive early payment by using an outstanding invoice with a financially stable customer -- we're happy to use invoices to UK-based and international customers of yours. We also work with large companies that want to strengthen their supply chain by using URICA to provide early payment to their suppliers.

Why businesses like working with us

If you are a small business in the UK, you don't have many funding options these days. In most cases you will still have to take on more debt and may have to risk all by putting your house on the line. URICA does not imitate other products for small businesses, because they are all just debt by any other name, administratively clunky and usually do not provide people with what they want or need. We offer a valuable source of funding at a time when it is needed.

Getting finance is easy. Suppliers sign up on the platform and upload invoices for their customers' confirmation. URICA will buy the confirmed invoices and pay the supplier on the days they choose. The customer then settles directly with URICA, up to 90 days later.


"With URICA, we are now able to offer great credit terms to our export customers, but we get paid for the invoice within seven days. If somebody asked me ‘what is the answer to all your prayers for your export business’, URICA would tick all the boxes.”

Matthew McDonnell, Managing Director, Resimac

 “Other products are more like a credit line – they try to gauge how much you would put through and put a credit facility in place that you could draw against. That can be a little bit too expensive and complicated. I look for something more immediate and flexible – and for that URICA’s been good.” 

Mark Hirschel and Jo Amit, Managing Directors, HOWND

"I can expand when a large order comes in knowing I’ll be able to cover those costs, rather than taking on the worry of debt. I can grow without giving a charge on my business, mortgage on my house and first call on my left kidney."

Steve Lloyd, Managing Director, Steve Lloyd Timber

And a little bit more...

Q: What's the strangest/most interesting funding request you've ever had?

A: We have had all sorts! We've worked with cosmetic distributors, to a digital marketing company. One of the 'coolest' is probably the motorcycle manufacturer that has been trading since 1989! When we say all sectors are welcome, we mean it!


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